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An alpaca is a domesticated species of South American camelid. It resembles a small llama in appearance. There are two breeds of alpaca; the Suri alpaca and the Huacaya alpaca.

The oldest known records of these charming creatures was 1,000 years before the great pyramids of Giza.

Here is an image of an alpaca


Here are some facts on alpacas!

  • Scienctific name for alpaca: Vicugna pacos
  • Alpaca hair:The hair of the alpaca is called 'fleece' or 'fiber' rather than 'fur' or 'wool.' Alpaca fleece has 22 natural shades ranging from black to silver and rose gray and white, from mahogany brown to light fawn and champagne. Alpacas can be bred for specific color.
  • Third thing
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